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Vision Service Plan (VSP) has been an integral part of our doctors and it has been an emphasis in what we do here at Dr. Bladh's office. We are the VSP doctors of Diamond Bar, Walnut and Phillips Ranch that get you the most out of your vision coverage! We absolutely love helping our patients take full advantage of their vision benefits; for instance, have you ever heard of Acute EyeCare or Primary EyeCare? How about Diabetic EyeCare Plus or a 2nd pair benefit you didn't know you had? This post will explain some of the benefits that VSP members have, even thought they have no idea.


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For now, VSP is the only major vision insurance company to offer this type of benefit. They have always been trendsetters in the vision care industry so we assume other companies will follow suit but that remains to be seen. The following is a list of benefits offered to help our patients take full advantage of their VSP insurance:


  • Primary EyeCare - This benefit is the big one. It pays for additional testing and visits for both chronic and acute conditions as well as all the follow up visits. 
  • Acute EyeCare - This benefit pays for visits and testing for acute problems and not chronic conditions.
  • Diabetic EyeCare Plus - For those with a certain type of diabetes, VSP will pay for extra testing and visits to make sure your vision is stable while managing your diabetes. 
Your VSP coverage can be much more than just glasses or contacts. Our medical focus on the health of your eyes is finally being rewarded through these benefits and we can help you see how much more coverage you have. Call our office at 909.861.3737 to find out more. 
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We hope you and your families are safe and healthy during this challenging time.

We are currently closed for routine eye exams but are available for urgent eye problems by appointment only. Please call our voicemail for further instructions.

If you need help with contact lenses, glasses, pharmacy refills, or future appointment scheduling please call or text our office at 909.861.3737. You can also email us at If you have glasses or contacts on order, we can ship you items to you at no charge or arrange a curb-side pickup.

We will have modified hours Mon-Fri, 10am-2pm with limited staff only if you wish to speak with someone over the phone.


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