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Sensory Training

What is Sensory Training?

Everyone's eyes develop from birth. This is called Neuroplasticity. In certain individuals, especially elite, neuro-connections are more efficient. Visual acuity, contrast sensitivity, reaction time, etc. They are just wired better. Usually, by the first decade of life your best-corrected vision is locked in. Not that your prescription may not change, but what your best-corrected vision is ( be it 20/20 or 20/30) normally is set. You are "hard wired". I have a degree in Visual Science and a doctorate of optometry and had always been taught that neuroplasticity did not change after a certain age. I was taught wrong.

port Vision Therapy in CaliforniaThe brain is a very sophisticated optical processing device. Our vision is limited by a signal to noise ratio. Certain receptor fields of the retina gather all of the information they receive, good and bad, and send it all back to the brain to sort out. Some individuals, especially the top performing athletes, have better filters than others and therefore see better. In the past you had to be born that way, but not any longer. It's a lot like trying to listen to someone in a crowded room. The noise around limits the ability to hear. If you can filter out the noise the signal will come through clearer even though the person is speaking at the same level. It's the same with vision. We have vision training that teaches the brain to ignore or minimize the visual noise causing the signal to come through clearer.

What does that mean? The average improvement is one to two lines increase in visual acuity. 100% improvement in contrast sensitivity. Increased shape and movement detection (which is huge in almost all sports). Let us show you what this unique part of sports vision training can do for you.

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Our focus is, as always, the health and safety of our community, patients, and employees. The California Optometric Association has recommended that all Optometrists in California close for 14 days. We plan to be open again on April 1st.

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