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I grew up during the dawn of video games. Games are much more sophisticated now but the bottom line is the same even with sports vision training. What is the high score and can I beat it? Just one more game was the mantra as we worked to plan our metaphoric flag on the summit of the High Score list.

Here at our vision sports center with the help of the state of the art Nike SST we can see how each athlete rates compared to his peers.

This amazing marvel of Sports Vision technology runs through a battery of test by way of entertaining and competitive games that evaluate 10 areas of the sensory system as it would relate to sports. Vision is only a small part of the evaluation. Depth perception, hand-eye coordination, contrast sensitivity, near far quickness, decision making, reaction time are a few of the categories. The main areas that make an athlete successful. We only test areas we know we can improve so the scores are 100 percent relevant.

At the end of the assessment, which takes about 20 minutes, your information is sent to Nike headquarters and you get a printout sent to our center and another one emailed to you. The printout shows how you compare to anyone in your age, gender, sport, and level of competition.

A High Score in your sport.  The top four area where you have the most opportunity to improve is identified and a custom training program is designed.

After training for a month we repeat the assessment and the first is overlapped on the second and we can see if we are showing improvement. Adjustment are made and the training continues. That way we never stay far off the target of achieving maximum results.

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Our focus is, as always, the health and safety of our community, patients, and employees. The California Optometric Association has recommended that all Optometrists in California close for 14 days. We plan to be open again on April 1st.

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