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When LASIK was just being introduced into the marketplace, there were a lot of naysayers in our profession saying it would ruin the Optometry industry as we know it! How could we be supporting something that is going to put us out of business?!?! We have always been of the opinion if medical advancements help the patient, why would we ever stand in the way of that? We are huge proponents of LASIK (Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis), yes it is actually an acronym, we have actually found that patients that have LASIK surgery end up becoming some of the most educated and loyal patients in our office.

With that being said, the surgery center that we have the best relationship with is NVISION Eye Centers. We do so much business with them that they actually approached us about doing a LASIK Consult Day in our office! They are taking one of their consultants out of their busy office for an entire day to dedicate to our patients. They do great work! They will be here to answer any questions that you might have and go over the surgery options for you. We can't express how big of an opportunity this is for everyone. They will be here this Monday, June 19th for the entire day and we want to encourage everyone to come in to have their exam with our fabulous doctors and meet with NVISION without having to take an extra trip to see if you are qualified.

Dr. Bladh has over 30 years experience in the industry and is one of the leading doctors in the field of LASIK. He was one of the first Optometrists to actually have the procedure performed on his own eyes. Having dealt with glasses his entire life, he was happy to try anything to get rid of them. This reason alone helps him understand his patients from a firsthand perspective. Knowing what it's like to fumble with contacts or lose his glasses, he's able to empathize with the possibility of LASIK eye surgery.

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Give our office a call and see if you qualify for LASIK. Best case scenario, you can get rid of those glasses and contacts for good! 909-861-3737