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Dr. Taylor Bladh, O.D. | Local Eye Exams in Diamond Bar, CA

We’re on N. Diamond Bar Blvd just north of the 57 and 60 interchange


Our daughter, Ashlyn, began Neuro-Vision Therapy with Dr. Bladh in the fall of 2012. Ashlyn has been diagnosed with ADHD but has other learning difficulties as well, especially in the areas of reading, writing, and her ability to focus. Corrective lenses were prescribed yet we felt her vision problems went beyond that of her new prescription.

When we first began this program, Ashlyn had a very difficult time reading and writing without skipping letters, words or whole sentences a time. This has been greatly improved over the past few months. On one of her recent appointments, we witnessed Ashlyn jumping on a trampoline while covering one eye and reading letters correctly off the letter chart without skipping a row! We are also noticing an improvement in her fine motor skills. Writing is extremely difficult for Ashlyn but we believe that each therapy session is helping to aid in her ability to write in the correct areas with the correct letter formation. Where she was writing her name below the name line in the beginning of the year, we were so pleased to see her actually write her name ON the line now.

Another difficulty Ashlyn has had academically has been her ability to focus which affects her comprehension. Since she first began her therapy, we have noticed a slow and steady improvement with her attentiveness as well as her memory which has improved her overall comprehension marks at school. She has even brought home reading comprehension tests that she received 100% on!

Even something as simple as coloring a picture has proven difficult for Ashlyn in the past but she has pleasantly surprised us with some very beautifully colored pictures lately. Some other added benefits have been better balance and coordination which affects her in many different areas. We feel she has shown better self-control in school as she seems to be better aware of her environment.

With everything that we have witnessed over the past several months, we strongly believe that Dr. Bladh’s Neuro-Vision Therapy program is helping our daughter. We appreciate that he has designed a program and personalizes it for our daughter’s unique needs. We look forward to continuing with the program and remain very encouraged that Ashlyn will receive the help that she will need to be a successful learner.