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Dr. Taylor Bladh, O.D. | Local Eye Exams in Diamond Bar, CA

We’re on N. Diamond Bar Blvd just north of the 57 and 60 interchange


We have implemented new Safe Practices to adhere to the CDC and American Optometric Association recommendations. We look forward to serving you and keeping you and our staff healthy and safe. Please familiarize yourself with the following before your next appointment:

1. Please text or call us from your car when you arrive for your appointment and wait for further instructions.
2. Face masks will be required while at our office and we will NOT be providing them
3. Temperatures will be taken before entering the office
4. Everyone will be required to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer upon entering
5. All patients will be asked about their health status
6. We ask that patients come to their appointment unaccompanied, so there will be fewer people in the office
7. Patients who need caregivers or minors may be accompanied by one person
8. Social distancing around the office will be observed as much as practically possible
9. Pens will be used once and then disinfected
10. Doctor schedules have been lightened to decrease patient flow throughout the office
11. Increased cleaning of patient areas will be prioritized
12. Car-side or curb-side pickup will be available for contacts or glasses, as well as shipping at no-charge to patients
13. To control the flow of patients in our glasses and sunglasses dispensary, frame selections/adjustments will be done by appointment only. Our staff is also great at doing glasses selection via email!
14. Tele health appointments are available for eye infections or other eye problems, without having to come into the office.
15. If you are new to our office, please fill out our patient forms on our website prior to coming in.




If your monthly or 2 week contact lenses are drying up quicker and quicker everyday, we have just the solution for you. That gritty feeling doesn't have to be something that you just tolerate and only get temporary relief by using eye drops every hour. There are daily contact lenses that one patient described exclaiming, "This feels like heaven!" Yes, we think so too.

one 2Bday 2Bcontacts 2Bdiamond 2Bbar 2Beye 2Bdoctor

The feeling of a new contact lens after your previous contact has reached its useful life, is one of the best feelings in the world! That instant relief where your eyes say, "Oh, I remember what this feels like, why don't we do this everyday?" If we truly listen to our body, the relief that your eyes feel with a new contact lens is something they would prefer on a daily basis. Yes we are personifying the eyeballs in this scenario.

best 2Bcontact 2Blenses 2Bin 2Bdiamond 2Bbar

There is a daily contact lens that we prefer at Dr. Bladh's office, the Biotrue ONEday contact lenses from Bausch + Lomb. It is a fantastic lens with great parameters and breath-ability. Imagine having that new contact lens feeling everyday! Your eyes will thank you. We are giving away samples at our office for current contact lens wearers to try out at no cost. If you want a free weeks worth of daily contact lenses stop on by or call the office at 909.861.3737.