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There are many different reasons to purchase a pair of glasses with anti-reflective coating ?. The most popular reason will probably come as no surprise, but it's actually cosmetic. The functionality of the coating has many benefits from light sensitivity, clarity, health and of course cosmetic. One of the most fascinating facts you might not know is that anti-glare coating has been around for almost 100 years! It was really regarded as a trade secret with the Carl Zeiss Optics Company used in WWI before taking mainstream several generations later.

The coatings would be applied to camera lenses in order to pick up clearer pictures of terrain and enemies from a camera point of view, and when you look at any lens today it will have some form of coating on the actual lens to help take crisp and beautiful pictures. What filmmakers found was that applying the coating to glasses actually helped actors engage with audiences more efficiently?. Think about your grandpa's old pictures with those big, plastic, double bridge glasses and only seeing the light that was flashed instead of actually seeing their eyes. You almost get the feel of why Scott Summers from X-Men has never really had a major movie made of his character. Without seeing the eyes, audiences have a harder time humanizing the character and actually establish less of a connection.

With the use of anti-glare coatings anybody with a camera phone can now take pictures of others with glasses on and still manage to capture the persons full facial expression; thus making a lasting memory with something so small. I'll save you the boring detail of how AR coating is applied, suffice it to say that there is a cheap process and an expensive process to applying this type of coating to your lenses. We only offer the best quality coatings to our patients, the cheaper products become very difficult to clean over time. I will be the first to admit, if I can buy a substitute product for less I'm all over it, but this is one of those products that is worth the higher price point. It's easier to clean after a long period of time and is incredibly durable. Come into the office today, or call us at 909.861.3737 to see the demos of this product firsthand. We want to make you feel beautiful!